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Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby: A Coastal Hike

Call me Charlie Bone because I think I lived in a painting for a day

semi-overcast 48 °F

Saturday , February 28, some friends and I caught a a morning train for ridiculously cheap and ended up in Whitby. From Whitby we caught a bus to Robin Hood's Bay. We wandered around Robin Hood's Bay for a while. I suppose the best way to describe Robin Hood's Bay is to say please just go visit. It is a quaint, romantic village situated between two cliffs. The entire village is on a hill. If anyone has seen Wild Child, the date scene was shot here.


My favorite feature was the doors. They were all bright colors!

It took a while to find the trail, but when we did it was worth it. We entered into a pasture of sheep and just pranced around with the sheep for a while singing "The hills are alive!" over and over.

The rest of the trail was 7 miles of glourious scenery, good laughs and new friends (all of them were animals or inanimate objects). The sheep really wanted nothing to do with us, but we still enjoyed seeing them. The dog's name is Lisa. We asked her owners to take a picture and when we sat down she immediately pranced over and plopped frount and center of our picture.

There were lots of charming features of the hike including shipwrecks, gates that only allowed one person at a time because of a bar preventing it from opening, bridges, cobblestone paths, and stone enclosure fences. Here's some things we saw:


When we finally made it back to Whitby, we were greeted by the sight of the abbey, then the town. Whitby is a town full of sailboats, red rooftops, and fish and chips. It is another coastal wonder.

All in all a beautiful day! It was about 55 degrees out, slightly foggy, and absolutely picturesque. Really shows how beautiful creation can be. Thanks for reading!


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